An elite level of garage equipment, developed in the USA, adapted for Europe. Designed to meet the needs of those customers looking for a higher grade of equipment.

America’s Premium Garage Equipment Brand

Since Atlas Automotive Equipment’s inception, the dedicated team behind the trusted Atlas brand has spent many years developing a line of products that provides the perfect combination of quality and price. Atlas-branded garage equipment are some of the most respected and well known in the automotive equipment industry, and can be found in many countries across the globe.


ATLAS PLATINUM turns the concept of cheaply built products from cheaply resourced parts on its head. We have key components and materials shipped from Italy to be assembled in China, because we are in no doubt that saving money on the labor is a far safer way of protecting a product’s integrity. This is evident in the precision performance & feature rich wheel balancer range.


There Is Nothing Throwaway Or Untested About an Atlas Platinum Product, of that you can be certain.


Atlas Platinum offers top-grade wheel alignment with options to suit all levels. The PWA60 offers Fully Computerised CCD Wheel Alignment to all, however it is the Pro version that builds on this for a truly unique & awesome offering. 


Bringing the Atlas Platinum PVL4000 Two post lift to the UK market was a big step for the brand. Just compare the quality! With a 3.5T version now avalaible, these are built to do a job, not built to hit a cheap price.

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