Atlas Platinum ACS1000 Air Con Service Station


Platinum means premium, in this case a quality Italian manufactured AC servicing unit

Offering full recovery, vacuum and refill in around 40 minutes, this is one of the most user-friendly and operator efficient A/C recovery machines available on today’s market.

  • Once set up this machine can be left to carry out its cycle and freeing up your labour
  • Automatic and manual programs
  • Large built-in graphical display
  • Simple to use and with intuitive navigation controls
  • Built in-vehicle database to set the weight of refrigerant and automated oil injection procedures
  • Highly-portable system

Optional built-in thermal printer available for reporting of any completed cycles – call now on 01527 868 888 for a quote

New and old gas models available:

Automatic oil injection Yes
Compressor 10cc
Heating Belt Yes
Vacuum Pump 62 l/min High Efficiency
Ultimate Vacuum 0.2mb / 20 P / 0 bar
Automatic Air Purge Yes
Vehicle Database Yes
Tank Capacity 10kg
Scale Accuracy +/- 5 grams
Power Supply  220v / 13 amp
Weight  50 Kg
 Dimensions  38” x 20” x 20”