It’s a common misconception across the industry that to perform wheel alignment services, a garage requires an alignment 4 post lift. Therefore, for many garages, wheel alignment is a service that just cannot be provided to their customers.

This can result in sending potential alignment customers down the road to your rivals, losing you revenue and repeat custom.

However, here at Atlas Platinum, we like to break the mould.

For garages with a smaller footprint and a lack of space for a traditional four post alignment lift, our 2 Post Lift Compatibility means you no longer need to lose out on extra revenue – after all, wheel alignment services are one of the most lucrative services available in the automotive aftermarket!

Manufactured to link up with the entire PWA60 range…

For every product we release into the UK market, extensive development, design and manufacture has been put in to ensure the machine can be the best it possibly can be.

Atlas Platinum has developed its PWA60 Wheel Aligner range to link up directly with any 2 Post Car lift model available in our range, meaning literally any garage can offer their customers a professional wheel alignment service.

The top-of-the-line PVL4000 offers our most comprehensive lifting capability with a maximum capacity of 4 tonnes. Packed with features for safety, productivity and reliability, not one inch of this 2 Post lift has been manufactured without consideration – it has been designed specifically for the standard garage with multiple uses in mind.

Dive into our range – check out all our wheel alignment machines & two post vehicle lifting options online today. Alternatively, call our specialist team on 01527 868 888 for more information.